Pixel War: the best achievements of r/Place

After years of absence, the r/Place subreddit has risen from its ashes, throwing the Twittersphere into chaos. Content creators, big brands, they all mobilize their communities there to try to win this digital war, the Pixel War.

If you haven’t been up to speed on recent Twitter events, a social experiment launched in 2017, r/Place, made its big comeback on Reddit for April 1st. All Reddit users have the opportunity to visit this interactive space and leave their mark on a fresco at the rate of one pixel every 5 minutes.

For the past few days, under the aegis of the biggest names in French streaming, thousands of Internet users have been taking turns on Reddit to defend the colors of France. This craze has grown to such an extent on social networks that several French brands and personalities have recently joined their voices with content creators to galvanize the troops under the same banner.


Many communities are currently clashing in the pixel war.

Whether you want to catch up, familiarize yourself with this singular event or simply relive certain moments that are already considered cult, here is a selection of the highlights that have punctuated the pixel war so far.

Pixel War Highlights

Multiple colorful declarations of war

The most popular achievements


A Kirby in front of a starry night worthy of Van Gogh

Pixel War

This incredible moment when Totoro meets Spike Spiegel

People doubted the night and morning shift 🤣🤣

— Kameto (@Kammeto) April 4, 2022

Multiple calls to arms, sometimes unexpected

While the Pixel War lives its last hours, all Internet users intoxicated by this general mobilization do not relax their efforts.

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