Pixel Watch: a leak reveals an autonomy of only 24 hours

A Taiwanese mobile operator has revealed the missing details from the Pixel Watch’s technical data sheet. We thus learn that the autonomy of the first connected watch from Google will have an autonomy equivalent to competing products… from last year.

The Pixel Watch is probably the accessory that observers will be watching the most when presenting new products from the Pixel range. Google’s first connected watch is arousing curiosity because it arrives in a very competitive market where , the yardstick is the Apple Watch. New details regarding this watch continue to emerge. Autonomy, one of the least discussed aspects of this accessory, is of paramount importance, and a Taiwan mobile ISP revealed information about it on a private Telegram group.

The new details appear in an official pub brochure. The Pixel Watch will allow you to receive and make calls, send and read emails and SMS from the connected watch. The ice will be made of a convex Gorilla Glass, although the doubt remains as to the size of the screen, while obviously it will be possible to customize the appearance of the dial, all this we already knew.

The autonomy of the Pixel Watch will be 24 hours, a fair average duration

What we did not know precisely is the autonomy of the accessory. A photo showing us the Pixel Watch connected by what appears to be a USB-C socket connected to a plastic washer to be placed under the watch, tells us that the theoretical autonomy of the gadget is 24 hours. Which seems a priori… disappointing. When we know that the Galaxy Watch 5 announces a lifespan of 50 hours and that the latter is almost doubled for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, we realize that customers for whom the duration of use without charge is important will opt without doubt for the South Korean tocante.

In this case, would the Pixel Watch seek to compete with Apple’s connected watch? Here again, the target seems to have been missed, since with the Low Power mode, the Watch 8 promises to last 36 hours without recharging (18 hours in normal mode). If not in the field of autonomy, it is therefore by its design and its functionalities that the Pixel Watch will have to stand out. They are plethora at Samsung as at Apple. Crash detection, women’s health, various and varied health sensors, fitness functions, the Cupertino company’s smartwatch is a veritable anthology of functions, each more useful than the next. Google still has a few days to refine its product: the presentation of the Pixel Watch as well as the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones will take place on Thursday, October 6, 2022.

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