“Planned Spontaneous”: YouTuber Melina Sophie starts her own podcast

“Planned Spontaneous”
YouTuber Melina Sophie starts her own podcast

Melina Sophie is back on social media.

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Melina Sophie is not only back on YouTube and Instagram. She now also mixes with the podcasters.

Influencer Melina Sophie (28) went into hiding for two and a half years. Now the YouTuber is back – and not just on Instagram and YouTube. The 28-year-old has enough to talk about for her own podcast project. The first episode of “Planned Spontan – Podchaos with Melina Sophie” can be heard on Podimo from Sunday, May 5th.

A new episode every Thursday

In it, Melina Sophie would also like to explain the background to her longer break. “After my social media break, there are a few topics that I would like to address and classify,” she is quoted as saying in a statement. The influencer will also reveal to her fans what she has been doing instead over the last two and a half years.

After May 5th, a new episode of “Geplantan Spontan – Podchaos with Melina Sophie” will be released every Thursday.

YouTube comeback with Pilates video

In addition to the podcast, Melina Sophie is also back on social media. She started the series “My First Time…” on YouTube – starting with a Pilates video. The 28-year-old has on Instagram a new account was launched, which already has 230,000 followers (as of May 3rd).

Alongside Bianca Heinicke (31), who also recently celebrated her return to Instagram, and DagiBee (29), Melina Sophie is one of the most successful social media stars in Germany. In December 2021, she withdrew from the public due to mental problems. The first sign of life followed in January 2023. She spoke about her health in the podcast “Coffee with Lemon” by Dagi Bee and Tina Dzialas (27).


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