PlayStation Now: all games added in March 2022 revealed

After the program of games offered to subscribers of the Playstation Plus in March, it is now the turn of the other service of EIS to talk about him. The selection of titles added to the Playstation Now starting tomorrow, Tuesday March 1, 2022is once again quite restricted and will be limited to 4 games, with all the same Shadow Warrior 3 for its launch, as planned. Judging by our impressions of it, it might not be so bad after all.

He will be accompanied by Crysis Remastered, relict and Chicken Police – Paint it RED!. Here is what the PlayStation-Blog :

Shadow Warrior 3

This first-person shooter features dynamic gun combat, melee melee combat and a spectacular movement system. A mercenary who belonged to the Yakuza and Orochi Zilla, his former employer, turned enemy, then ally, embark on an unlikely mission to tame an ancestral dragon that they have inadvertently freed from its eternal prison. Armed with a fearsome combination of guns and blades, roam unexplored parts of the world in search of this deadly creature to once again prevent the apocalypse. To do this, nothing could be simpler: you will need to gather the mask of a dead god, a dragon egg, a light touch of magic and enough firepower to prevent the cataclysm that is coming.

Shadow Warrior 3 will be available to PlayStation Now subscribers until Monday, July 4.

Crysis Remastered

Crytek’s first-person shooter, a classic of the genre, returns with action, a sandboxed world and epic fan-favorite combat. The game now features software ray tracing technology and remastered graphics. What was supposed to be a simple rescue mission turned out to be the starting point of a new armed conflict against alien invaders in a string of islands in North Korea. Equipped with a powerful nano-suit, players can turn invisible to spy on enemy patrols or boost their strength to tear down vehicles. The Nanosuit’s many options, combining speed, strength, armor, and stealth, provide creative and versatile gameplay, while the diverse arsenal gives players unprecedented control over their playstyle.


Play as a scientist lost on an abandoned moon base. In this first-person physics puzzle game, bend gravity and magnetism to your will. Combine your skills in innovative ways to solve physical puzzles, unearth clues, and try to uncover what’s going on behind the Relicta Anomaly. Will you go headlong or take the time to uncover the conspiracies of 22nd century orbital politics? Lurking in the eternal darkness of the lunar craters, a secret will decide the fate of your daughter… or change the fate of humanity forever. Will you be able to face the consequences of your research?

Chicken Police – Paint it RED!

This satire with a rich story and intense dialogues is reminiscent of graphic novels or the great classics of adventure games. Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken once made up a legendary detective duo called the “Chicken Police.” After their last escapades dating back almost ten years, time has ended up stealing their feathers. Today, Sonny and Marty must pile on a stranger case than anything they’ve encountered before! Collect a myriad of clues, evidence and incriminating personal information from the shady characters of Clawville to turn them against them without mercy!

cards NHP are on sale at Amazonin the absence of those to subscribe directly to the PS Nowwhich are no longer available, no doubt in connection with the rumor of Project Spartacus.

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