PlayStation Portal is already out of stock, thanks scalpers

PlayStation Portal is already out of stock in many countries, including France. Scalpers obviously have something to do with it. For good reason, there are already dozens and dozens of offers for PS Portal at exorbitant prices on BonCoin and eBay.

Ps portal scalper
Credits: Capture LeBonCoin

As you may know, PlayStation Portal, the PS5’s remote play peripheral, is officially available since Wednesday, November 15, 2023. Posted at €219.99 (manufacturer price), this accessory is presented as a secondary screen for your PS5. Via Remote Play functionality and a Wi-Fi connection, PlayStation Portal can display games installed on your PS5 on its 8-inch Full HD LCD screen.

Shortly after its official presentation, the enthusiasm around the device was not really felt. For many players, the interest of the PlayStation Portal is rather limited, the fault of the absence of streaming in the cloud or a Bluetooth connection to use your own wireless headset/earphones.

But against all expectations, the PlayStation Portal has clearly been a victim of its success. Just two days after its launch, the device is already out of stock on the PlayStation Direct site, Sony’s official store. This is particularly the case in France where the item is unavailablejust like the United Kingdom and the United States.

Ps portal scalperPs portal scalper
Credits: PlayStation Direct

The PS Portal out of stock, the fault of the scalpers?

So, is PlayStation Portal really enjoying surprise success? Were Sony’s stocks insufficient? Only one thing is certain, scalpers played a role in these stock shortages. For good reason, you just need to take a look at eBay or leBonCoin to find dozens and dozens of ads for PS Portal sold at significantly higher prices, not to mention astronomical in some cases.

Just on the first page of BonCoin, you can find PS Portals between €250 and €300 (prices that could be described as reasonable), but also at cheeky prices with offers displayed at €400 or €500. On eBay, the situation is not much better with bids set from €350 or more. As usual, we advise you not to play the scalpers’ game. The best way to stop this practice is do not buy these products sold for 2 to 3 times their prices.

Ps portal scalperPs portal scalper
Credits: Capture LeBonCoin

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