Plus belle la vie: this character returned to the series thanks to Lola Marois (Ariane)

Lola Marois, the interpreter of the character Ariane, revealed during an interview that a key character from “Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle”, almost did not make her comeback in the series.

During the launch of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, on January 8 on TF1, viewers had the chance to meet a large number of emblematic characters who marked the daily soap opera previously broadcast on France 3.

Lola Marois, Laurent Kérusoré, Léa François and many others made their comeback in the series to the delight of fans. And if it is difficult today to imagine Plus belle la vie, even more beautiful without these actors, there is one actor who almost did not return.

Eric almost didn’t return to the soap opera

Currently, the main plot of Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle centers on the character of Ariane, who had to face the surprise return of Zoé (Manon Chevallier), her hidden daughter to whom she had given birth under X .

To deal with this news, and especially to investigate the many secrets surrounding Zoé’s character, Ariane found comfort with Eric (Régis Maynard), a former colleague who became her best friend who supports and advises her without question. of questions.

An essential character who almost did not return, as Lola Marois confided to our colleagues at Leisure TV.

To tell you the truth, the producers told me that at the beginning it was not planned for him to come back”, she explained. “But when they saw this arch, they said to themselves that Ariane couldn’t live this without Éric, her best friend. We love seeing them together and their relationship. He puts up with everything about her, he has this lovely way of loving her.” It is indeed difficult to imagine the return of Ariane without that of Eric as these two characters are linked to each other thanks to a sincere friendship.

“It would be nice if he had a little more to do”…

For those new to the world of Plus belle la vie, Eric Norman was one of the flagship characters of the series. Arriving in 2017, this cop presented as gruff and macho turned out to be much deeper than he seemed. He was indeed secretly gay.

If at first the police station, including Ariane, had difficulty coming to terms with this idea, his colleagues very quickly accepted Eric’s homosexuality.

If Lola Marois is therefore delighted that her best friend on screen is back in Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle, she still deplores that the character of Eric is not yet exploited.

For now, his role is to be Ariane’s best friend”, she confided. “It would be nice if he had a little more to do. I hope his personal life will be developed as well.” It remains to be seen what the writers of the series have planned for the character.

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