Podcast. Karim Benzema in court: the case of the “sextape”

It’s a story the football world would have preferred to forget. Wednesday, October 20, Karim Benzema appears before the Versailles Criminal Court in the case of the “sextape” of Mathieu Valbuena, his teammate at the time in the French football team, for complicity in attempted blackmail.

The case dates back to 2015. Mathieu Valbuena receives threats from a blackmailer who claims to have in his possession a “sextape” (a video of a sexual nature) filmed by the player and asks for money in exchange for its destruction. But Mathieu Valbuena files a complaint and the police are investigating. It is this investigation, in particular by means of telephone tapping, which will reveal the implication of Karim Benzema in this affair.

Rémi Dupré covered sport for The world for more than ten years and will follow this trial. In this episode of “L’Heure du Monde”, it plunges us back into an affair that shook the French team and the French Football Federation.

An episode produced by Adèle Ponticelli and Morgane Tual, presented by Jean-Guillaume Santi and directed by Matthieu Gasnier.

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