Pogba case: Kylian Mbappé says he “trusts” his teammate

Europe 1 with AFP

Quoted in the Pogba affair, Kylian Mbappé would have been the target of a marabout at the initiative of the midfielder of Juventus Turin. The latter would have called the PSG striker to give him his version of the facts. Mbappé says he “trusts the word of a teammate”

“I prefer to trust the word of a teammate”, explained Kylian Mbappé, indirectly involved in the Paul Pogba affair, who “called” him and “gave him his version of the facts”, he said. he said Monday at a press conference.

Target of extortion attempts amounting to millions of euros, Paul Pogba finds himself at the heart of an incredible affair. The name of French football star Kylian Mbappé reluctantly appears in the file, Paul Pogba having explained to the investigators that “his blackmailers wanted to discredit him by broadcasting messages in which he would have asked a marabout from his family circle to cast a spell” on the PSG striker, which he denies.

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