Pokémon Unite: an official competitive circuit including an event at the World Championships

Each year take place the Pokémon World Championships, high point the competitive season of Pokémon video games, but also the Pokémon card game and Pokémon GO. In 2022 however, a newcomer is coming to join these games, Pokémon Unite, which should host its own competitive circuit.

The format of Pokémon Unite will remain classic. The teams will compete against each other throughout of a competitive season, which will end with the 2022 Pokémon World Championships, in London. This announcement is a great opportunity for Nintendo, the MOBA community being very important, Pokémon Unite could be their next hit in the esports world, the game being all the more free to play. So it’s no wonder to see the title get its own competitive run.

Pokémon Unite is set to suffer soon, according to producer Masaaki Hoshino some improvements, like the addition new Pokémon as well as more languages. A major change would be the arrival of a tournament mode, in which each player would be on an equal footing. At present, even in ranked, you could gain a slight advantage over your opponents by upgrading your worn items. This new mode therefore allows parties considered competitive, all based on the skill of the player. This new update is expected to arrive early this year, but no precise date has been communicated.

Although this new esports circuit for Pokémon Unite has been announced, we still know very little about the latter and in particular, its organization. More info should arrive in the coming weeks.

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