“Police call 110: you belong to me”: Hannah Schiller already played in this horror thriller

“Police call 110: You belong to me”
Hannah Schiller already starred in this horror thriller

“Police call 110: you belong to me”: Lana Stokowski (Hannah Schiller, l.) and Commissioner Brasch (Claudia Michelsen) address the public after the kidnapping.

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In “Polizeiruf 110” Hannah Schiller plays the young mother whose baby is kidnapped. She already shone in the horror “crime scene” from Dresden.

In the “Police call 110: You belong to me” (August 27, 8:15 p.m., the first one) Hannah Schiller (23) plays the young mother Lana Stokowsky, whose baby is kidnapped when she briefly takes her eyes off the pram in a busy pedestrian zone in Magdeburg Together with chief inspector Doreen Brasch (Claudia Michelsen, 54) she does everything in the season opener to get her child back…

The teen in the “crime scene” with his hand

Diligent and somewhat die-hard Sunday crime fans should recognize Hannah Schiller’s face. She was the main actress in the episode of “Tatort: ​​Parasomnia” in Dresden, which was broadcast on the first in November 2020. If you have seen this mix of thriller and horror film, the keyword “The crime with the hand” is enough.

The artist, who was born in Bonn and now lives in Berlin, played 14-year-old Talia Schröder in “Tatort: ​​Parasomnia”, who surprised a murderer immediately after his crime and thus became the most important witness for the investigative team Gorniak, Winkler and Schnabel. Since a severe stroke of fate, the disturbed girl has had psychological problems, which manifest themselves, among other things, in visions and nightmares – grimaces at the window, ghosts with clawed eyes or a hand…

Two awards and many more roles

For her role in the particularly nerve-wracking Sunday crime thriller with the undead, insomnia and a cruel serial killer, the charismatic young actress was awarded the Jupiter Award in 2021 in the category Best Actress and the German Acting Prize in the Young Talent category.

Hannah Schiller made her debut ten years ago in the film adaptation of the novel “Dieternal Mafia” (2013, ZDF). Most recently she was also in the TV mini-series “The nicest people in the world” (ARD, 2023), in the TV series “Jerks.” (2020-2023) and in the mini-series “Yesterday we were still children” (ZDF, 2022). At least three more series with her are in the works according to “crew-united.de”.


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