Police on the move – 2G controls: So far, almost 100 violations in Vienna

2G has been in force throughout Austria since Monday. This means that those who have neither been vaccinated nor recovered are excluded from practically all public amusements such as visits to restaurants or the hairdresser. Since then, almost 700 companies and 5000 people in Vienna have been checked for compliance with this requirement. There were almost 100 violations that were punished by reporting or mandate. The magistrate and police also carried out controls on Friday evening.

There was also a control team in the 20th district of Brigittenau, consisting of officers from the police standby unit and employees of the municipal authorities. That evening they paid visits to restaurants at Wallensteinplatz in particular, but also to a few hairdressers to see whether the 2G rule was being observed there. “Except for a lack of 2G evidence, there have been no major violations so far,” said police spokeswoman Barbara Gass of the APA after the inspections , underlined the good cooperation between the magistrate and the police. From his experience he reported: “The controls are largely accepted positively. We do not want to disturb anyone while partying, eating or at the hairdresser’s, but our controls are directed against those who do not adhere to the specifications and thereby want to gain an advantage. “Hillerer’s balance sheet after the first few days of 2G controls:” Compliance works across the board very good. The Vienna Chamber of Commerce is also at work here. Violations occur in all industries. “Most of the people would react very positively to the controls – but:” The later the hour and the more alcohol was consumed, there are occasionally situations where our control teams are not very friendly “Teams will be on the move until the early hours of the morning. In the next few days and weeks, too, checks on compliance with the 2G rules in Vienna will be continued,” announced Hillerer. The team that is on the road in the 20th district on Friday evening also has a long night ahead of them. It will be on the move until the morning hours and possibly pay visits to fitness studios, body-hugging service providers, events, betting offices and night clubs Lockdown was unlocked again – more than 10,000 companies and more than 50,000 people controlled by the police and the magistrate. Around 1500 violations were documented. The main focus is on the weekends, but there are also checks during the week – at different times of the day. “When you are out and about in Vienna, you have to expect that you will be checked,” emphasized Gass.
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