Powder Brows: The eyebrow trend ensures the perfect contour

Powder Brows
With the eyebrow trend to perfect brows

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Thick eyebrows give the face expression and contour – but often enough our eyebrows don’t want to be the way we want them to be! With powder brows, however, you can help a lot. Find out what the eyebrow trend can do here!

Eyebrow Trend Powder Brows: What is it?

There are many reasons why our eyebrows do not grow back well or have bald spots: For example, it can be because we have made plucking mistakes in the past, there is a deficiency or hormonal changes, or that certain medications or illnesses promote hair loss. However, cosmetic products/treatments can also damage the hair roots of the eyebrows. Many women then use eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencils. As an alternative to microblading, there is also the eyebrow trend powder brows, which is also one of the permanent make-up techniques.

The treatment for powder brows is offered in beauty salonswho specialize in technology. This is a technique that uses a fine nano-needle (similar to a tattoo machine) to apply permanent color. Small dots are pricked under the eyebrows to imitate powder. The light shading ends up looking like the eyebrows are with eyebrow powder been painted, which explains the name Powder Brows.

Powder Brows: Durability

Powder brows are meant to flatter the eyebrows up to two years to add contour and shading. Some studios even report a shelf life of up to three years. However, the general durability of the application always depends on the condition of the skin and its regeneration speed. For example, powder brows don’t last as long on young and, above all, oily skin.

What should you watch out for with powder brows?

Under certain circumstances, allergic reactions to the colors used are possible – the cosmetics studio should clarify this in advance. If you have any concerns, you can have an allergy test carried out beforehand. Sufficient time should also be taken beforehand to discuss the shape and color of the eyebrows.

How Much Do Powder Brows Cost?

Of course, every cosmetic studio sets its own prices for the treatments. Ideally, the costs already include an after-treatment of the powder brows. Basically, the price range for powder brows is between 300 and 600 euros – which, by the way, also corresponds to the price range for microblading.

What is the difference between powder brows and microblading?

Powder brows and microblading are both treatments that use permanent makeup. However, they differ in application and result.


  • To implement powder brows, the:die Beautician:in uses a fine needle to pierce the color pigments into the skin.
  • At the Microblading, on the other hand, uses a kind of small scalpel to scratch fine lines into the skin. These are filled with color and look like finely painted hairs. Microblading also lasts about two years (depending on the condition of the skin). However, microblading is often perceived to be more painful than powder brow treatment.


  • Powder brows actually look as if the eyebrows were made up. Expressive eyebrows are the result and especially with light skin types, the brows are much more noticeable. Gradually, however, the intensity of the application can decrease somewhat.
  • Microblading imitates the fine hairs and thus looks more natural. Microblading can also be used to fill in bald spots.
  • The type of application depends entirely on what you want to achieve. Sometimes combination methods are also offered in cosmetic studios: With microblading, hairs are “drawn” and with the powder brows method, a gentle shading is placed under the eyebrows.

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