Predilife: modification of the conditions of OCEANE 2021

Photo credit © Predilife

( — The General Meeting of bondholders Predilife met on February 23. It approved all the resolutions relating to modifications to the terms and conditions of the 2021 OCEANEs, notably relating to the postponement of the maturity of the 2021 OCEANEs to April 2029; the increase in the annual interest rate from 7% to 8.5% from April 30, 2024, and the modification of the conditions for reimbursement of OCEANE 2021 at maturity.

The resolutions were adopted by a majority of more than 75%. “I thank the bondholders for their broad approval of the proposed resolutions which illustrates their confidence in the future of predictive medicine. The extension of these OCEANEs will make it possible to promote the development of activity with companies in partnership with insurance companies and brokers. will also allow us to promote our unique assets in the field of breast cancer”, declares Stéphane Ragusa, Chairman and CEO of Predilife.

The entry into force of the modifications approved by the Meeting is subject to the agreement of the shareholders who will meet in a general meeting no later than April 29, 2024.

Remember that these 2021 OCEANEs were issued as part of the public offering open from March 19 to April 16, 2021.


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