Premiere Pro: Adobe unveils new AI-driven audio features

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Authors are no longer the only content creators who can benefit from the assistance of generative AI: the video editing process will now be able to benefit from this technology, in particular thanks to the new features of Premiere Pro announced by Adobe.

Adobe Premiere Pro is professional video editing software that will allow you to create both feature films and short films. It is available as a demo version alone or via Creative Cloud.

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Adobe unveiled its latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro (22.4) on Thursday, which includes new AI-driven features and improvements to optimize video editing. The brand’s main announcement concerns the availability of the Voice Enhancement tool.

Improve the sound of a video in one click

If you’ve ever edited a video with dialogue, you know how difficult it can be to remove background noise while still keeping the speech audible enough. The Voice Enhancement feature, now officially out of beta, uses AI to reduce background noise and improve clip sound quality with just one click.

To optimize the sound in your videos, Adobe also revealed other AI-driven audio tools, including interactive faders that help with audio transitions and audio category tagging, which uses AI to determine whether your clips are dialogues, music, special effects or atmospheres.

Adobe says all AI-powered features in Premiere Pro will leverage the CPU and GPU of the device they’re used on. An advantage, because this guarantees the speed and performance of the application, for optimized editing.

New for content creators on TikTok

Adobe also announced new non-AI features for Premiere Pro, including the ability to export a video as a draft to TikTok, or publish it directly to TikTok. This shortcut will allow creators to skip the exporting and uploading step and prevent them from interrupting their workflow in Premiere.

The complete list of new features is available on the Adobe website. To benefit from it, simply update Premiere Pro to get the latest version.


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