Prince Frederik: Despite the negative headlines, he’s blowing the whistle

Prince Frederik
He continues to carry out his program stoically

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Since the beginning of November, Prince Frederik has found himself involved in a serious scandal. But this doesn’t seem to bother the Danish heir to the throne much. He continues doing daily business – and ignores the press.

There are likely to be as many headlines as in the past few days in the entire life of Prince Frederik, 55, has not yet given. He is said to be having an affair with Mexican celebrity Genoveva Casanova, 47. While she has withdrawn from the public eye and is trying to cope with the media storm in her ex-husband’s palace, Frederik goes about the day-to-day royal business, smiling as if he had not noticed the ongoing affair rumors.

Prince Frederik remains silent

As host of the King’s Hunt in Gribskov, Prince Frederik was of course also there on November 16th when the hunters gathered in the Danish national forests. Wearing a brown camouflage suit, he was well prepared for the nasty November weather and beamed into the cameras of the photographers present.

And just a few days later, on November 21st, he blew the halali in Jutland – without even looking at the press, as “Ekstra Bladet” found out. It is said that the royal even literally fled from the media present during the lunch break during the royal hunt at Hof Gludsted. He blocked questions and basically didn’t respond to them at all. There was a lot to discuss.

Not a word from the palace

The Danish royal family, however, is continuing its PR strategy with regard to the affair rumors: they are not mentioned at all. Difficult, say PR experts. And it actually seems a little strange that both the royal himself, his mother Queen Margrethe, 83, and all his advisors remain silent while the woman with whom he is said to be having an affair suffers.

Genoveva Casanova has retired

The 47-year-old, with whom Prince Frederik spent an evening in Madrid on October 25th, seems to have been hit significantly more by the headlines. Genoveva commented immediately after the pictures appeared in the magazine “Lecturas” and dismissed the rumors. Meanwhile, journalists from the Spanish magazine “HOLA!” track her down in the palace where she has disappeared and even get a few words out of her. And they show how hurt she is. “Forgive me, but I really can’t say anything about it. I’m devastated,” said a visibly shaken Genoveva Casanova.

And the prince? He remains silent, acts as if nothing had happened and stoically continues to carry out his royal program.

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