Prince Harry and his memoirs: His book is not “proof” of his drug use

Prince Harry and his memoirs
His book is not “proof” of his drug use

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A court in Washington DC is currently considering the question of whether the US government must release Prince Harry’s (39) visa application. Harry’s comments about his drug use in his memoir “Reserve” prompted a conservative think tank to question why he was allowed into the States in 2020. The Heritage Foundation filed a lawsuit against the Department for Homeland Security (DHS). It should be clarified whether the 39-year-old lied about taking drugs, applied for an exemption or entered the country on a diplomatic visa.

At a hearing on Friday, a government lawyer said according to the Telegraph, that the book passages are not sworn testimony or evidence that the Duke of Sussex actually took drugs. “Saying something in a book doesn’t necessarily make it true,” he said. The purpose of the drug report may have been to “sell books.” The opposing side said the claim that the Duke made up his drug use was a “ridiculous argument”. “This is Prince Harry’s book,” a spokesman for the Heritage Foundation said after the hearing. He never denied any of the statements in his own book, including the drug report.

With what status did Prince Harry travel to the USA?

A lawyer at the think tank described the possibility that Prince Harry entered the country as a member of the British royal family on a diplomatic visa as “highly unlikely” because “he had no official role on behalf of the British people, his own relationship with the royal family was on.” a low point, as the judge himself mentioned in his remarks”. Harry has lived in Montecito, California, since leaving the Royal Family in 2020 and, like his wife Duchess Meghan (42), has no longer been a “working member” of the royal family since then.

In his memoirs, the royal revealed that he turned to marijuana and other substances to cope with the death of his mother, Princess Diana (1961-1997). There has been speculation that the Duke of Sussex could be denied US citizenship if he ever applies because the various drugs he names in the book are banned or strictly controlled. Despite calls for his visa application to be released, the US government decided it could not be disclosed because it was “private personal information.”

In an interview with reporter Will Reeve (31) from the TV show “Good Morning America”, Prince Harry recently revealed that American citizenship was a thought “that has already crossed my mind, but certainly not something that is for me “is a high priority at the moment.”


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