Prince Harry: That was how long Archie's first word was

Prince Harry
That was how long Archie's first word was

Prince Harry with wife Meghan and Archie in September 2019.

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Prince Harry revealed what Archie's first word was. And what the little one got from the Queen for Christmas is no longer a secret.

During an appearance on James Cordens (42) "The Late Late Show", Prince Harry (36) revealed a lot about little Archie (1). While having tea on the open deck of a tourist bus that was driving the presenter and his celebrity guest through Los Angeles, Harry said of his son: "His first word was crocodile, three syllables."

He also explained about the royal offspring, who will be two years old in May: "My son is now over one and a half years old, he's hysterical, he has the most amazing personality, he's already put two or three words together, he's already singing songs. " And Harry also told Corden what Queen Elizabeth II (94) gave her great-grandson for Christmas. And that, although she could not meet the little one in person – Harry moved to California with son and wife Meghan (39) in the spring of 2020 after their resignation as working members of the royal family.

Archie loves waffles

"Interestingly, my grandmother asked me what Archie wanted for Christmas," said Harry, "and Meg said: a waffle iron". The Queen actually sent this and Archie now wakes up every morning "and says 'waffle'". Harry stays in touch with his grandparents through video calls. The Queen and Prince Philip (99) know how to use Zoom, "we zoomed in a couple of times, they saw Archie walking around". Instead of clicking "Leave Meeting" at the end, however, his grandfather simply closes the laptop to end the conversation, Harry revealed with a laugh.