Prince William and Duchess Kate: longtime employee Jason Knauf gives up his post

Prince William and Duchess Kate
Longtime employee Jason Knauf gives up his post

Prince William and Duchess Kate are sad about the imminent farewell

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Prince William and Duchess Kate lose a valued employee. Jason Knauf resigns from the Royal Foundation.

Jason Knauf, a long-time employee of Prince William (38) and Duchess Kate (39), quits his service. In a statement it says, Knauf will resign as Managing Director of the Royal Foundation in December 2021. The reason for this is an “international move”, which would make a resignation necessary.

Knauf had worked as communications secretary at Kensington Palace since 2015. He then became CEO of the Royal Foundation in September 2019. “Working for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has been the privilege of my career for me,” said Knauf. “Jason has been an integral part of our team since 2015 and we are grateful for his work and dedication, both to the Royal Foundation and before that as our communications secretary,” say William and Kate. Knauf’s withdrawal makes them “sad”, it continues.

Complaint against Duchess Meghan

The name Jason Knauf made headlines in March in connection with the bullying allegations against Duchess Meghan (39). It’s about allegations from 2018. Meghan is said to have expelled two of her assistants from her immediate environment and undermined the trust of a third employee. Knauf, who was Meghan and Harry’s communications secretary at the time, had one, according to one Report by the British newspaper “The Times” then formulated the complaint against Meghan.

Both Harry and Meghan’s office and the palace have firmly denied the allegations. Nevertheless, Buckingham Palace is said to be in March have hired an external law firmto investigate allegations of bullying.