Prince William and Prince Harry fondly remember their mother

Prince William + Prince Harry
“Every day we wish she was still with us”

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Princess Diana would have been 60 years old today. To unveil their statue, Prince Harry and Prince William made a joint statement that goes to the heart.

They are words that move you to tears. In their official statement on the occasion of the unveiling of the statue for her late mother Princess Diana († 36), Prince Harry (36) and Prince William (39) agreed on common words. And it becomes clear: As much as the relationship between the two brothers is currently strained, they are united in their pain.

Prince William and Prince Harry remember their mother with love

At the end of August, it will be 24 years since Princess Diana died in a dramatic car accident in Paris. Her two sons were just 12 and 15 years old. The deep sadness that they feel in the face of this loss to this day – unimaginable. In her official statement on the unveiling of the Diana statue in the “Sunken Garden” of Kensington Palace on Thursday (July 1, 2021) it becomes clear how much the pain haunts her to this day.

Prince William + Prince Harry: "Every day we wish she was still with us": Prince William + Prince Harry

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So they say: “Today, on the day our mother would have turned 60, we remember her love, her strength and her character – qualities that made her a force of good for the whole world who have transformed countless lives into something better. “

Princess Diana goes missing every day

Prince William and Prince Harry have to live without their mother for 24 years, have founded their own families without their mother being there. And yet: Princess Diana is omnipresent. In their hearts. “Every day we wish she was still with us. We hope that this statue can symbolize her life and legend forever.”

Unveiling in private

William and Harry have requested a private setting for the unveiling of the Diana statue. The live broadcast, which was initially planned, was canceled. Your mother should be the focus, not the disputes that have been picked up in the media over and over again in recent weeks. It would be about honoring her mother on this special day. The speeches that Prince Harry and Prince William gave are not yet officially available. So far, the public has only had the joint statement.

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