Pro search image: Can you spot the headphones that are a little different?

Search image
Can you find the headphones that look different?

Search image: Have you found the culprit?

This search image shows headphones that all appear to look the same. But that’s actually not true. Can you find the one that’s different from the rest?

Search images can not only require strong nerves, but also a real eye for detail. This one hides a pair of headphones that differ from the others in one way. Here’s a little tip: Every little thing could be the decisive clue.

Search image: Can you find the headphones?

Have you found what you are looking for? If not, take comfort: this search image is really exceptionally difficult (a tip: pay close attention to the colors of the headphones). You can find out where the culprit is hiding and whether your answer is correct in the video.

Source used: Vetvector/Getty Images


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