Problems in the Innviertel – anthill: Now there is a threat of a halt in the construction of power lines

The 110 kV overhead line from Ried to Raab in Upper Austria has 65 of the 80 masts. But construction is now threatened. An anthill is in the way.

If Netz Oberösterreich, a company owned by the state’s own Energie AG, has its way, the 22-kilometer 110-kV overhead line in the Innviertel should go into operation next year. 15 masts are still missing. But when building one of these steel giants, tiny wood ants are causing major problems. The building of the hard-working insects is in the area where the concrete foundation of the mast is planned. “The ants are protected by nature conservation law and may not be relocated in winter. According to the environmental advocate, this may only be done by a person who can show the necessary knowledge, “the Innviertel overhead line opponents expect a construction stop and thus at least a delay in the project. Area is already secured The Upper Austria network is aware of the ants problem. “We have already secured the area and take full consideration of the ants. Should a relocation be necessary, we will react and of course comply with all the rules ”, they say. Illegal landfill discoveredThe anthill is not the only unexpected surprise. There were puzzled faces some time ago when an illegal landfill appeared. According to the company, a solution has also been found for this. The neighbors, who vehemently demand an underground cable solution, see it differently: “You want to create a fait accompli as quickly as possible, since the complaints against the expropriation of 57 landowners have been with the Federal Administrative Court since December 2019. No strategic environmental assessment was carried out, according to EU directives this would be mandatory. “
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