Protection against tracker stalking: Google and Tile bring new functions


The discussion about stalking using Bluetooth trackers has been raging for months. The main focus is on the widespread AirTags from Apple, but other manufacturers such as Tile are also coming into focus. The problem even had a negative impact on business, the company boss said at the end of February 2022. This is probably one of the reasons why Tile is now presenting a solution for its own trackers. At the same time, Google is apparently working on a more comprehensive concept against the stalking problem.

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Tile with new scan function

Similar to Apple and the “Where is?” app, Tile distributes a fresh function on the devices with the current update of the app. A new option can now be used to search for trackers in the area. However, “Search and protect” does not automatically scan the environment for strangers – the scan only works manually. If you’re already signed into Tile, you’ll find the option in Settings. Without a user account, there is a corresponding button on the start screen of the app when you start it for the first time.

According to the Tile help document, the software only recognizes third-party trackers if users move during the scan. The company recommends staying three blocks from your home and not returning until the check is complete. The system apparently only recognizes trackers that move with the smartphone. Bags or similar objects in which you suspect a tracker should therefore be taken with you. According to Tile, a round in your own four walls is not enough.

Google: Android stalking protection soon integrated?

As the developer of Android, Google also sees itself as responsible for protecting its own users. 9to5Google has found a new application on the Play Store that could soon end up on all devices. According to the authors, this is a function for detecting trackers – there could also be an option to let the phone ring. It is still unclear whether the feature is a proactive function or just a scanner. The recognition function is still at a very early stage – various changes are possible before the final release.


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