PS5 gets mega update: New features for gamers and film fans


Sony has released a major update for the PS5. Gamers and home cinema fans can look forward to a number of new features.

The PS5 has received a major update from Sony to firmware version 8.00, which has many new functions – not just for gamers. Home theater fans can now finally use the console as a full-fledged Blu-Ray player and watch films and series in the best quality.

PS5 with Dolby Atmos support, second controller support and better remote play

Remote Play for PS5 will be supported on more devices in the future. (Source: okas91/

With the update, the PS5 receives support for the Dolby Atmos audio standard. This allows you to enjoy object-related surround sound if games or Blu-Rays support it. It is now also possible to use a second controller to support the main player. So you play the same game at the same time.

In addition, the PS5 now supports SSDs with larger capacities of up to 8 terabytes. Also nice for many: the beep when the console starts can finally be turned down and even turned off. There are also a number of new party functions and detailed improvements for the PS5.

New features for Remote Play and Android app

With the PS5 you can not only play on the TV from the comfort of your sofa. The Remote Play app also allows you to play from your computer, iPad or Android phone. Support for remote operation is now quite broad, although the software is still not available for a large number of devices.

As 9to5Google reports, a new Remote Play update brings broader device support. The streaming app will now run on Chromecast with Google Play, and other devices with Android TV 12 will also be supported.

Theoretically, this would support a whole range of new devices. Officially, however, Sony is supposed to limit support – at least so far – to its own Bravia XR A95L smart TV and the Chromecast (4K model).

You can install the Remote Play app on the Chromecast via the Play Store. The application is currently supposed to show devices with Android TV as incompatible. Users may still have to wait for an app update.

By the way, the PlayStation app also contains new functions on Android devices. Features include emoji reactions to messages and a “share screen” function when joining another player’s party.

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