PSVR 2: the multiplayer FPS war is approaching, which one to choose?

If you follow the top 10 most downloaded games on PSVR 2, you will have noticed that the multiplayer FPS Pavlov enjoys a very good placesince the launch of the latest VR headset from sony. Far from being the multiplayer shooter which, for lack of competition, would be good by default (read our test), here are some others challengers are preparing to land soon on PS5, answering the names of Crossfire: Sierra Squad and FireWall Ultra.

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Whether FireWall Ultra will be released on August 24th (read our first impressions), we had not heard of the Crossfire: Sierra Squad release date, expected later this year. It is now done since the publisher has just announced a release for next August 29, 5 days apart from its direct competitor! So a choice will have to be made. If the above-named titles are aesthetically close, realism obliges, they are however very different if we take the trouble to dwell on them:

Pavlov is an exclusively multiplayer game (10 players max – crossplay PC) oriented arcade whose mechanics of gameplay are VR-Readyunderstand by this that each weapon has (as in real life) its own reloading system, which will have to be manually manipulated. Exit the automatic buttons and the possibility of bending down or lying downIn pavlov, your body is put to work. question of lifespan, 15 game modes are available and you can even modify them. The game is wide and you will even be able to drive vehicles in co-op, even use weapons of the second world war, as much to say that on the content side, other games will not be at the level (their interest being elsewhere). Suffice to say that if you like FPS for their viscerally gory, unwinding and complete sides, this is the game for you.

Also tested by us in a version preview, Firewall Ultra (PSVR 2 exclusive) offers a different experience and much more tactical and slow than the game mentioned above. 2 teams of 4 players must compete, one having to accomplish objectives, the other defend them. If death is final (point of respawn), the game is however arcade since reloading is automatic and grenade throwing is done by eye tracking. Funny thing, when a blinding grenade arrives, you can literally close your eyes so as not to be dazzled by it, ingenious! Rest assured, purists will still be able to manually reload their weapons via a mode Ultra meant for that purpose. Firewall Ultra is the only one to run under Unreal Engine Vand will use reprojection (hopefully rendering correctly) and foveal rendering. If you liked the first opus on PS4 or if you are fond of Rainbow Six Siege-likethe game should please you.

  • Crossfire: Sierra Squad:

Crossfire is the only game on this list to be taken from a series of games (very mediocre by the way) in flat. It is also the only one to offer a scripted solo mode including 13 missions and 17 different types of enemies. 50 two-player (or single-player) co-op missions will be available at launch, along with a horde mode that can accommodate 4 players simultaneously. Arsenal level, lhe title will feature no less than 39 weaponsit’s better than Firewall Ultra, but less than a certain pavlov (which has 67). The title has a realistic mode allowing players to compete without HUDwithout detailed indications and with a minimum of hit points. In normal mode, the game does not want to be realistic: enemies do not drop weapons when they die (unlike pavlov), your life (as in Firewall Ultra) dates back over time, friendly fire is tolerated, but only for bullets. Realism will however be present for the handling of weapons, here, nothing is done in an automated way (in a way pavlov), including for healing (via a care kit).

Those who have been able to try it for a moment have reported to the development team a certain repetitiveness in the clashes, let’s bet that this will not taint the title in its final version. The testers also confirmed that it was the best game from the licenseknowing that the last of them to be out, CrossfireX has been dubbed “counter strike of the poor”even one of the worst games of 2022. Do not forget that PCVR version of Crossfire: Sierra Squad will be released on the same day as its PSVR 2 version.

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So, have you made your choice? To help you, let’s summarize the situation: Pavlov will appeal to those who crave quick experimentsonce the weapon reload is acquired, you will not be able to drop it. It is also a good complement to the other 2 titles since it is the only one not included in the list of tactical FPS. As for firewall And Crossfire, the balance leans clearly in favor of the former. Although this needs to be confirmed by testing, Firewall Ultra seems much more controlled than its direct competitor and does not have the defect of being repetitive and linked to a series of games flats without any flavor.

Climbing Breachers

If you have another VR headset, we recommend the excellent Breachers, who is already considered the master in the field. Its arrival on PSVR 2 could well steal the spotlight from the titles presented here, but no announcement has been made yet. To be continued !

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