Psychology: 5 sentences that we are allowed to say to each other more often

5 sentences that we are allowed to say to each other more often

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If we think or feel something that would be good for other people to hear, why don’t we just say it? For example, we never need to resist these five sentences.

There is a lot we can do for ourselves so that we are fine and we can hop through life reasonably healthy and happy. For example, we can pay attention to our feelings, take time for things that fill us, or say no to something that contradicts our values ​​or is too much for us. But we cannot give ourselves the encouragement and support, the love and confirmation from other people. For this we need them – and they need us.

Since we are essentially social creatures, our relationships and our interpersonal relationships are of great importance and have a great influence on our lives and our mental and physical health. How other people interact with us affects our well-being and mood at least as much as the weather – and our self-esteem by far. It is true that people can hurt us with their behavior, spoil our mood and make our lives complicated. But often enough they give us strength, encourage us, give us hope and help us feel good and our life has meaning. And we play that role for others as well.

A basic rule that can help to shape our social interaction in a positive and harmonious way and in such a way that it is as pleasant and strengthening as possible for all of us is: Never keep something that we think or feel to ourselves when our counterpart is likely to will help or do well. Such as …

5 sentences that we are allowed to say to each other more often

1. “I am glad that you exist.”

Whether friend: in, partner: in, parents, siblings or colleague – we can let people who enrich our lives know that from time to time. We won’t hurt anyone with that.

2. “I like to be with you.”

In principle, people show us that they like to be with us by spending time with us and choosing our society over and over again. But hearing – or saying it – occasionally doesn’t hurt, can it?

3. “You’re doing well.”

Whether raising children, working, dealing with a trauma or something else – we all have tasks to cope with every day that demand a lot from us, and we really deserve someone patting us on the back every evening and saying: “Great, like you do, you can be really proud of yourself. ” However, very few of us have someone like that – so why don’t we take on this role every now and then?

4. “Please take care of yourself.”

“You mean something to me”, “nothing in this world is worth breaking down”, “it’s okay to need a break” – all of this resonates when we ask a person to take care of himself . Perhaps we generally assume that others are already taking care of themselves and refrain from this sentence in order not to offend them. But for some people it can be beneficial and relieving to hear the words because they don’t dare to take care of themselves on their own. Let’s say it too much rather than too little.

5. “You are good the way you are.”

We probably can’t get rid of the urge to develop ourselves further, to learn and improve in certain things – but hearing from others that we are already so valuable can take a little pressure off the whole thing. Isn’t it nice to take some pressure off someone? Especially when it’s that easy?