PUBG Mobile: the heroes of a hit anime take to the battlefield

To make life PUBG Mobile, Krafton does not hesitate to create collaborations, particularly with anime. We have already been treated to content taken from Dragon Ball Super last year, but this time, the studio added items and rewards inspired by a anime with a very different tone.

Since 2019, the manga Spy x Family fascinates fans of shōnenthe work of Tatsuya Endō was entitled to an adaptation in anime via two seasons produced by CloverWorks And Wit Studio. Spy x Family follows Loid Forgera spy who finds himself starting an unusual family for a secret mission, marrying a female hitman and adopting a daughter with telepathic powers. Multiple outfit sets and rewards inspired by Spy x Family are now in PUBG Mobilehere’s what you need to remember:

PUBG Mobile players can enhance their experience with a new selection of SPY×FAMILY items, such as:

  • The Spy x Family Twilight set;
  • The Spy x Family Thorn Princess set;
  • The Spy x Family Yor stilettos;
  • The Spy x Family Anya hairstyle;
  • The Spy x Family Bond glider;
  • The Spy x Family Bond ornament;
  • The Spy x Family Mr. Chimera Ornament;
  • The Spy x Family Dacia;
  • The Spy x Family Parachute.

These unique Spy x Family items will be available until May 12 and will allow PUBG Mobile players to dominate the battlefield in style.

PUBG Mobile and Spy x Family are also teaming up to offer a new set of in-game rewards. After completing certain quests, players will earn points that allow them to unlock additional Spy x Family items, such as the Dacia vehicle skin Spy x Family.

When they reach level 20, PUBG Mobile players will be able to choose their favorite character’s set as a reward: either the Spy x Family Twilight set or the Spy x Family Thorn Princess set. Additionally, reaching level 20 unlocks a unique reward in the form of a treasure chest, which players can open for a chance to acquire the prestigious Spy x Family Bond plane. Players who collect all Spy x Family items and sets will also receive an exclusive reward.

As indicated above, collaboration with Spy x Family is available until May 12 in PUBG Mobile. The title is playable in free-to-play on iOS and Android, you can discover the manga Spy x Family at €7.20 on Amazon, Cdiscount And there Fnac.

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