Arrest in Velbert: “Reich citizen” threatens with knife – SEK takes action

Arrest in Velbert
“Reich citizen” threatens with knife – SEK takes action

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First he riots, then he attacks the police with a knife: a self-proclaimed “Reich citizen” calls the SEK into action that night in Velbert. The 30-year-old ends up in police custody.

A self-proclaimed “Reich citizen” threatened police officers with a knife in Velbert near Düsseldorf, triggering a SEK operation. The special forces overpowered the man and arrested him, the police announced that night.

The police were initially called to an apartment building late on Tuesday evening about property damage. The man had damaged a door. When the officers arrived there, the 30-year-old threatened them with a knife, according to police reports. He also shouted that he hated the police and was a “Reich citizen”.

Because the man locked himself in his apartment, the special forces were called in to provide support. The SEK blew the door open and overwhelmed him. The man is now in custody and the investigation is ongoing.

The first trial against the Reuss group is underway

In the so-called Reichsbürger scene, the prevailing view is that the historic German Empire, founded in 1871 with an emperor at its head, still exists today. All state institutions should therefore be rejected as illegitimate.

The first trial against a group of alleged conspirators around Henry XIII took place in Stuttgart on Monday. Prince Reuss, who are said to have planned a violent overthrow of the federal government. It is the first of three mammoth trials in which members of the group are gradually coming before the judge – their case came to light after a large-scale anti-terror raid in several federal states and abroad in December 2022. It is one of the largest terror trials in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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