Puffs: disposable electronic cigarettes, true ecological aberrations, soon to be banned

Stéphane Ficca

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December 5, 2023 at 1:02 p.m.


Vuse Puff © © Vuse

For several months now, the Puff disposable electronic cigarette has been sold in France © Vuse

A bill aimed at banning the sale of Puffs was unanimously adopted this Monday, December 4 in France.

You have undoubtedly already encountered it, the Puff, it is this disposable electronic cigarette, which contains everything you need for vaping, namely an integrated battery, a vaporization mechanism and e-liquid. Particularly popular with young people, the Puff seduces with its great simplicity, its “ tendency ”, but also by the many tastes offered. Considered too dangerous, many MPs now want it banned.

Puffs soon to be banned for sale?

La Puff lives her last moments in France. Indeed, this Monday, December 4, a bill aimed at prohibiting its marketing was unanimously voted for in the National Assembly. The text was supported by all political sides, being adopted by the various deputies present.

Vuse Puff © © Vuse

The government wants to ban the Puff by the start of the 2024 school year © Vuse

Please note, however, that this does not mean an imminent ban on Puff in France. Indeed, the text must first reach the Senate, before obtaining the agreement of the European Commission. This should allow a few months for resellers, as well as consumers, of Puffs cigarettes. Remember that Élisabeth Borne had already called for a ban on these disposable electronic cigarettes last September.

Puffs too dangerous (and accessible) for minors?

For MP Francesca Pasquini, the Puffs benefit from a “ dazzling success » among the youngest, especially adolescents. Remember that Puffs have a nicotine level which can be between 0 and 20 mg/ml, which can open the way to a very strong dependence according to the Minister of Health.

Added to this are very affordable prices, without forgetting a very colorful, very fruity, very festive side, particularly attractive to young people. Francesca Pasquini also deplores a certain “ discretion of the device », which allows the Puffs to pass under the eyes of the parents, without the latter perceiving their harmfulness.

Thus, according to many experts, Puffs cigarettes would constitute an excellent (and dangerous) gateway to smoking among young people. According to Aurélien Rousseau, no less than one in ten children have already tried the Puff among 13/16 year olds. Enough to ring the alarm bells.

In addition to the health alert, the ban on Puff is also motivated by a real ecological issue, each cigarette being made of plastic and lithium. The government hopes to be able to ban the Puff by the start of the 2024 school year at the latest.

Source : Huffington Post

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