Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore: the new PS5 wireless headphones and earphones

Sony unveils its latest wireless headsets and true wireless earphones, designed for use with the PS5. The Pulse Elite headphones with a very sober design incorporate planar magnetic transducers, supposed to offer better sound reproduction, especially in the treble. It is also equipped with active noise reduction technology. “powered by AI”according to Sony, in order to filter out background sounds.

The helmet incorporates a retractable boom microphone and is sold with a charging hook, which allows the product to be placed and recharged in a single movement.

The true wireless Pulse Explore earphones use the planar magnetic transducers and active noise reduction technology of the Pulse Elite headphones. They are supplied with a traditional charging case. Unfortunately, Sony does not say a word about the autonomy of the two products.

To connect its new audio devices to its PlayStation 5, Sony uses a unique technology proprietary to the manufacturer. Named PlayStation Link, it requires a USB dongle to connect to your PS5, supplied with the products. They are also compatible with the new PlayStation Portal.

This connection “provides low latency, lossless audio quality and simple switching between multiple PlayStation Link hosts, such as PS5 paired with USB adapter and PlayStation Portal”, Sony promises us. Fortunately, the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore also benefit from Bluetooth compatibility to connect to other devices. It is even possible to connect them simultaneously to your console with PlayStation Link technology and to another Bluetooth device, to take a call during your game session, for example.

The Pulse Explore headphones will retail for €219.99, compared to €149.99 for the Pulse Elite headphones. The USB dongle can also be purchased separately, in order to be used on a computer. The launch dates are not yet known, but will be communicated soon by Sony.

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