Queen Elizabeth II .: How does the Queen sign?

After more than 65 years on the throne, she is only known as "the Queen". And that is hardly surprising, after all, Queen Elizabeth II has meanwhile become a royal symbol worldwide. You forget that the British Queen is also a normal person. And does normal things – such as signing documents.

And while you know a lot about their royal life through documentaries, reports and insider sources, it's the little habits that hardly a royal fan knows. Therefore, a question always arises in the context of the British royal family:

How does the Queen actually sign?

After all, she will hardly be able to sign with the words Queen or Queen – right ?! On the one hand, they are easy to fake, on the other hand, they are difficult to assign – after all, there are queens spread across the centuries and countries a few more.

Here's a look at the Instagram account of the British royal family. There are articles on "theroyalfamily" in which the Queen is personally quoted. And underneath it is written … Elizabeth R. Signatures also appear repeatedly on letters, just like in her first tweet in 2014.

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Today, as I visit the Science Museum I was interested to discover a letter from the Royal Archives, written in 1843 to my great-great-grandfather Prince Albert. Charles Babbage, credited as the world's first computer pioneer, designed the “Difference Engine”, of which Prince Albert had the opportunity to see a prototype in July 1843. In the letter, Babbage told Queen Victoria and Prince Albert about his invention the “Analytical Engine ”upon which the first computer programs were created by Ada Lovelace, a daughter of Lord Byron. Today, I had the pleasure of learning about children’s computer coding initiatives and it seems fitting to me that I publish this Instagram post, at the Science Museum which has long championed technology, innovation and inspired the next generation of inventors. Elizabeth R. PHOTOS: Supplied by the Royal Archives © Royal Collection Trust / Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2019

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The Queen's signature is "Elizabeth R." – but why?

So the Queen signs with the name Elizabeth, not with her title. So we would have answered this question, but there is still one more riddle: What does the "R" stand for now?

The Queen should only sign official documents with the abbreviation R. And that stems from its meaning, R. is supposed to be an abbreviation for "Regina". No, this is not the queen's secret second name, but the Latin term for "queen".

This thesis is also confirmed by gala expert Luise Wackerl: "Elizabeth II officially signs with Elizabeth R. (abbreviated: E II R). It is also the official title of the reigning (!) Queen of England. The wife of a king is allowed to do so Don't wear the title. "

Incidentally, the signature should no longer apply to private communications – there the queen likes to identify herself as "Lilibet", as the British royal expert Marlene Koenig again reveals. And after all, everyone in the royal family has his own nickname. Here you can find out how absurd and funny Prince Philip calls his wife.