Queen Elizabeth II: Queen not enthusiastic about Prince Charles’ plans?

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen not excited about Prince Charles’ plans?

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles in December 2019.

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Charles is reportedly planning to turn Buckingham Palace into a museum. Queen Elizabeth II should think nothing of it.

When Queen Elizabeth II (95) dies, her son Prince Charles (72) succeeds the monarch on the throne. It is already known that Charles would then allegedly want to downsize the royal family. Among other things, there should be plans to have fewer high-ranking family members and to give the public more access to the buildings of the royals. Buckingham Palace could become a permanent museum.

Palace should remain a “home”

The Queen herself should not believe in these plans, as Royal expert Neil Sean explains to the Daily Express. As long as the Queen was still on the throne, the palace would not become a permanent museum. “She’s not very keen on the idea,” says Sean, describing the alleged situation. “She thinks the palace should remain a kind of home for the family.”

The Queen wants to spend most of her time at Windsor Castle, but also spend two to four days a week in Buckingham Palace, it is said. The palace has been the official residence of the British monarch in the English capital of London since 1837. The magnificent building is currently being renovated. However, the work is not expected to be completed until 2027.


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