Quiz 10 films to recognize: happy cinema egg hunt!

It’s a tradition, every Easter Monday, we go for the traditional egg hunt. And you, can you find these ten film titles with these scenes involving eggs?

Twentieth Century Fox

Today is the traditional Easter Monday, and Easter obviously means eggs! And there are many eggs in the cinema, and of very variable shapes.

There are already the eggs that we are eating. Whether it’s raw like those swallowed by Sylvester Stallone in the very first Rocky during his daily routine with waking up at four o’clock, a high-protein breakfast, before going for a run in the early morning in the streets of Philadelphia. Or those frying that Margot Robbie lovingly watches in Harley Quinn, about to devour her favorite sandwich. Or even those with a rooster, carefully prepared for detective Hercule Poirot played by Kenneth Branagh in Murder on the Orient Express.

But we can also encounter eggs of larger size, and we then often enter the fantasy or horror genre. We think of the extraterrestrial cocoons, in the aptly named Cocoon by Ron Howard, which rest at the bottom of the swimming pool of a villa in which the residents of a neighboring retirement home regularly come to bathe, and who will then mysteriously find a second youth.

And when we mention extraterrestrial eggs, the seven crew members of the Nostromo in Alien by Ridley Scott obviously immediately come to mind. After picking up a strange radio signal, they decide to take a detour towards an unknown planet, on which they will discover a hundred eggs, one of which will suddenly open to reveal a creature which will then attack Kane grabbing his face.

There are still many examples of eggs in cinema, and we have kept around ten for you to put together our quiz of the day. Good hunt !

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