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Singer and pianist Daniel Lévi died on Saturday August 6 from colon cancer. Since this announcement, tributes have multiplied in the world of music and television.

One of the most beautiful voices in French song has passed away. the singer Daniel Lévi died on Saturday August 6 at the age of 60, announced his wife, Sandrine Aboukrat. The one who had brilliantly interpreted the character of Moses in the musical The ten Commandments died as a result of a Colon Cancer diagnosed in 2019. In recent days, his state of health had deteriorated as he entered a trial phase of a new treatment protocol. Daniel Lévi leaves behind him four childrenone little girl, born last July.

Since the announcement of his disappearance, many artists, presenters and political figures have wished to salute his memory. Starting with the one who had a crucial role in his career. Pascal Obispo, who has composed the titles sung by the troupe of ten commandments, indeed paid him a vibrant tribute on his Instagram account. “A man, a voice, a brother, our brother is gone… (…) II’m looking for the words, I can’t find enough beautiful ones. It was big, it was good, it was us”he wrote in the caption of a photo of the interpreter of “L’Envie d’aimer”.

The troupe of ten commandments pays homage to him

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The artists who shared the stage with Daniel Lévi during performances of ten commandments, which was the project of his life, also took the floor to celebrate the artist. “My Dani, my friend, my Moses, one of the greatest singers, i’m devastated by your leavingmy pain is immense”got excited Ginie Linethe interpreter of Nefertari, in his Instagram story, before wishing him to fly away “towards the most beautiful of journeys”. On his side, Ahmed Mouciwho played the character of Ramses, said he was devastated by the death of“a friend who became a brother”. Daniel and I were more than a duo ! It was years of sharing, laughter, joy, that’s what makes the strength and the truth of a friendship such as ours”added the one who had sung the famous song “My brother” with Daniel Lévi.

Pablo Villafrancawho has slipped into the skin of Joshua, feels a “empty” who “must be equaled only by the sadness of those who [l]loved, who [l]love and who [l]’will like”. “I can’t help but see you with a smirk and a funny phrase in mind at all times and even today. You can count on us to keep you present at all times., he wrote on Instagram. It’s on the same social network asElie Chouraquiwho staged the musical, sent a tender message to the missing pianist: “I loved you, I love you. And I will love you.”

Amel Bent and Jean-Pierre Foucault salute his memory

Other personalities paid tribute to Daniel Lévi, such as Amel Bent, who has “a moved thought for the family of Daniel Lévi”she wrote in her Instagram story. “For me, Daniel had one of the most beautiful voices in France and this music lover has built, thanks to his groove, his warm timbre, his musicality, his velocity and his emotion, a wonderful bridge between French variety and soul/r&b.”continued the singer. Lara Fabian also used her Instagram story to ensure that she “will keep[t] in memory [sa] rare generosity, [sa] voice so unique and unforgettable“.

Animator Cyril Hanouna as for him hailed, on Twitter, “a huge talent and an example of humility”. “Prayers for Daniel Lévi, simple, talentedMay he rest in peace”tweeted the presenter Jean Pierre Foucault. Cyril Feraudhe expressed his immense sadness. “Your generosity and kindness will forever be etched in my heart”added the host of France 3.

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