Ravenbound is an open-world fantasy roguelite

Ravenbound takes place in the world of Ávalt, a land that cannot be liberated by a single brave soul. This is why the player embodies the ship, the carnal envelope of the Raven, a powerful weapon forged by ancient gods to slay the Traitor. The Raven can therefore die again and again while inheriting the knowledge of his previous envelopes, until he finds the one that will allow him to achieve his objective.

Not constraining to explore, the world of Ávalt can be visited by walking but also by using the wings of the Raven to go to the place of his choice immediately. No need to try to memorize anything, however: roguelite obliges, the opponents, places and challenges will only change constantly.

The timing of your dodges will be just as important as the timing of your attacks. Be aware of your limits and fight smart, as each ship has only one life to sacrifice to satisfy the Raven’s ambitions and the combat expertise you acquire could be very useful to the ship that takes up your baton.“, can we read on the Steam page of the game, which has no release date.

When his character dies, the player must carefully choose which cards to add to his deck to obtain more powerful equipment, weapons and spells. It is the choice of these cards that will shape the main characteristics of the next ship. The goal is therefore to improve his deck to give the following characters a better chance of leading the Raven to victory. In the meantime, head to the game’s official site to register for the future beta.

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