Razer: all the manufacturer’s announcements summarized

Razer held its annual conference last night, and it was packed with announcements. The manufacturer mainly presented its new range Huntsman V3 Probut he took advantage of the event to make a bunch of other announcements, with even more accessories and products for gamers.

  • New Razer Synapse – Faster, smoother and smarter

The new evolution of Razer Synapse shakes the waters in terms of efficiency, with a multi-core architecture up to 30% faster than its predecessor, Synapse 3. The voice of the brand’s enthusiasts remains at the heart of Razer’s software innovations : this new iteration has been meticulously developed following user feedback, on three different generations of Synapse.

Players enjoy unparalleled speed, smoothness and stability with a simplified interface that offers quick navigation, independent installations and precise settings configuration. Additionally, with devices now neatly grouped by category, updates to individual products integrate seamlessly without impacting equipment already in use.

The new Razer Synapse beta will begin later this year, on Razer.com/Synapse-New.

  • The new Razer Chroma App – One app to light them all

The new Razer Chroma application is now standalone and offers total control over all RGB lighting devices, all brands, in a single program. Gamers can now choose to use Razer Synapse and Razer Chroma independently, with greater control and functionality within each software. With more than 55 external hardware partners and nearly 300 games natively integrated into Chroma, Razer Chroma RGB is the largest gaming lighting ecosystem in the world.

Fans who want to discover this new Razer Chroma application, during its beta later this year, are invited to visit Razer.com/Chroma.

  • Razer Axon Create – The power of AI for gaming-inspired images

Since the release of Razer Axon at last year’s RazerCon, the platform has rapidly grown to bring high-resolution, Razer Chroma-enabled wallpapers to millions of users around the world. Players brought their setups to life with high-resolution wallpapers for their ultra-wide and multiple monitors, while independent artists also took to the platform to share their creations directly with the community. Today, Razer takes the next step with Razer Axon Create, a platform that allows anyone to create their own high-resolution wallpapers before adding Chroma effects in three simple steps, using technology from machine learning from Razer, powered by AI.

With a simple prompt, everyone can generate their original wallpaper. The generative AI tool works with Leonardo.Ai, an advanced generative AI platform designed to meet the needs of gamers and artists. The new Chroma Generate feature automatically generates a wide range of vibrant Razer Chroma effects, based on the main colors of the AI-generated image. It can also generate several sets of effects again, until the creator is satisfied. Chroma Generate has been trained to determine the best color matches and select the most vibrant result. Once satisfied, creators can instantly apply Razer Chroma wallpaper and effects to create a setup that suits them.

For more information on Razer Axon and Razer Axon Create, visit Razer.com/Axon.

Razer Axon Create is available worldwide starting today, September 21, 2023.

  • Razer Gamer Room – The future looks bright

The Razer Chroma RGB experience extends beyond the setup with an innovative suite of accessories, the Razer Aether Lights. Designed to illuminate gamers’ lives, these lamps are equipped to suit any ambiance, from everyday to immersive entertainment.

Each game setup is unique. The Razer Aether line offers diverse lighting options, shaped for every style. The flagship of the range is the Razer Aether Lamp Pro, which offers multi-zone lighting to enhance gaming, music and movie experiences with rich RGB effects. Touch controls enhance the user experience, making it easy to adjust brightness and cycle through Chroma effects. It is accompanied by the Razer Aether Lamp, which offers lighting that is as functional as it is pleasant, ideal for offices and spaces dedicated to gaming.

Conventional lighting takes a back seat with the Razer Aether Light Bulb, a bulb that adds a touch of originality to gaming environments. The Razer Aether Light Strip, 2 meters long, allows for versatile integration, around furniture or simply to accentuate the specific features of the room. This strip can be extended with the Razer Aether Light Strip Extender, one meter long, to bring the most ambitious RGB projects to life.

The Razer Aether Lights range is accompanied by a mobile application, Razer Gamer Room, which offers extensive control. This app allows users to change settings, create automated routines and ensure seamless integration with other connected devices. The application notably manages Matter-compatible devices, an open source standard developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance that allows for seamless integration and unified compatibility within smart home ecosystems. Voice control is also available, through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, to ensure a consistent and intelligent gaming environment. The Razer Gamer Room mobile app will be available for download in Q4 2023, via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Razer Aether Pro Lamp: €149.99 ;

Razer Aether Lamp: €89.99 ;

Razer Aether Bulb: €59.99 ;

Razer Aether Light Strip: €149.99 ;

Razer Aether Light Strip Extension: €34.99.

  • Razer Fujin Series – Play hard. Breathe easily.

New arrival to Razer’s award-winning range, the Razer Fujin Pro is a fully adjustable, breathable mesh gaming chair. It offers unparalleled comfort and breathability, in addition to advanced features ensuring premium support and customization.

Razer Fujin Pro

The breathable Thermoplastic Elastomer mesh is designed to provide constant airflow and optimal ventilation, ensuring maximum freshness during long hours of play. With its elastic fit, it is also particularly resistant to traction, for durability long-term. Featuring Synchro-tilt technology which provides tilt tension control, the chair also offers ultimate customizable support, automatically adjusting the backrest and seat base to any sitting position, even while moving . The Fujin Pro is suitable for gamers of all sizes, with its ultra-strong aluminum alloy frame, padded 4D armrests and 3D headrest.

The Razer Fujin offers the same level of comfort and breathability as its predecessor thanks to ultra-breathable mesh. It also features Synchro-tilt technology with a 130° tilt, height-adjustable lumbar support and padded 3D armrests to maintain perfect posture during the longest and most intense gaming sessions.

Razer Fujin Pro: €1199.99. Available during the last quarter of 2023.

Razer Fujin: €699.99. Available now (September 21, 2023).

  • The game can begin with the Dolce&Gabbana collection | Razer

By announcing this major partnership with Dolce&Gabbana, Razer is writing a new page in the history of gaming and fashion. Suggested in mid-September on social networks, this collection celebrates the very essence of these two industries while pushing the boundaries of style and technology.

Dolce&Gabbana Razer

The launch will be in two parts, each highlighting the specific monogram of this collaboration in addition to a unique zebra print. The Dolce&Gabbana ready-to-wear collection | Razer offers a range of carefully curated clothing, with prestige pieces and versatile essentials. The fashion house delivers its own take on gamer style, blended with Razer’s iconic aesthetic. At the same time, a selection of award-winning Razer peripherals will be released, inspired by the heritage and craftsmanship of Italian luxury specialist Dolce&Gabbana. With 1,337 units available worldwide, the limited edition collection also includes, as a concept showcase, the world’s first-ever Razer Chroma RGB gaming chair: the Chroma Edition of the Enki Pro Dolce&Gabbana | Razer.

The complete collection Dolce&Gabbana | Razer will be marketed for the end-of-year holidays at the end of 2023.

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