Real misses a home win: ManCity gets a small advantage in the giant duel

Real missed home win
ManCity gets a small advantage in the giant duel

Like last year, Manchester City and Real Madrid, probably the best teams in the competition, meet in the semi-finals of the Champions League. And like last year, after a balanced first leg, there should be a wafer-thin decision this time too.

No winner in the first meeting of the giants: Defending champions Real Madrid and Manchester City had to settle for a draw in the first leg of the Champions League semifinals. The guest selection of Pep Guardiola with captain Ilkay Gündogan is slightly favored after the 1-1 (0-1) in Madrid because of the supposed home advantage in the second leg on May 17th. “Maybe it’s okay somewhere, maybe we were closer,” said Real professional David Alaba on the Internet broadcaster Amazon Prime Video. “We have the opportunity to make it 2-0 and then things look a little different. Now we’re 1-1, which is definitely a bit bitter somewhere.”

In the repeat of last season’s dramatic semi-final, Vinícius Júnior (36th) scored for Real around Toni Kroos and national player Antonio Rüdiger. Kevin De Bruyne (67th) was successful for the guests, whose goal power Erling Haaland was unlucky this time. Just over a year ago, coach Carlo Ancelotti’s royal team lost the first leg in England and celebrated in Madrid. This year’s final kicks off on June 10 in Istanbul. City have never won the premier class.

City with chances, but Real scores

The two star coaches, Ancelotti and Guardiola, greeted each other with a short hug on the sidelines just before kick-off. Rüdiger and Gündogan did it just as warmly in the dressing room – on the field, the two internationals caused the first longer break after almost half an hour. Gündogan had to be treated after the collision, for which Rüdiger was significantly more to blame, but was able to continue playing.

The short break changed something in the dynamic of the game, which Manchester had previously dominated with Guardiola’s possession football. Real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was challenged several times, against Kevin De Bruyne (8th), Rodri (14th) and Haaland (15th/16th), who at least made himself felt in these scenes. Real, in midfield, controlled by Kroos and Luka Modric, withdrew in this phase, lurked – and had Karim Benzema in front. The 35-year-old, who probably just didn’t become world footballer because Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé made the best use of the World Cup stage in Qatar in his absence, was always dangerous as soon as he got the ball played in the top – for the first time in the 18th minute. Minute.

However, the Real goal was scored by Vinícius Júnior, who mainly rewarded Madrid for waiting. The 22-year-old scored from the edge of the box after a quick attack, which was well worth seeing, and the tens of thousands cheered exuberantly in the slowly modernized Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Ancelotti clenched both hands into fists. Until the half-time break, referee Artur Dias was unintentionally and repeatedly the focus of attention, after several fouls by both teams, Kroos saw the first yellow card for a foul on Gündogan. The Real professional completed his 17th Champions League semi-final, only Cristiano Ronaldo has more appearances.

Benzema almost raised in the first strong scene of the second half, but his shot went deflected over the City goal (50′). Real seemed more dangerous afterwards, but driven by Gündogan, City increased again in the middle of the second half. De Bruyne’s goal with a solid shot was therefore not undeserved. His team-mate Ederson in the City goal made a save against Benzema shortly before the end of the game (78′).

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