Realme GT2 Pro: First Realme smartphone gets Android 13


The Realme GT2 Pro is the manufacturer’s first smartphone to receive the Android 13 update. We’ll tell you what’s new with the update.

Realme has started distributing Android 13. (Source: netzwelt)

  • Android 13 is distributed to the first Realme smartphones.
  • The Realme GT2 Pro is the first.
  • First, devices in India will receive the update.

Realme is done with its own version of Android 13 and has started distributing the update. The Realme GT2 Pro is the first. So far there have only been reports from India confirming the distribution of the update, but other regions are likely to follow soon.

The update brings these innovations

The update is 5.5 gigabytes in size and brings some new features. The design is to be revised and now be kept in the “Aquamorphic” style. This should make the animations, the interface, the shadows and the control elements look more natural and pleasant for the user. Although the update does not come with a completely new version of Realme UI, the changes should still be serious.

Stability, efficiency and security should also be increased with the update. For example, the new HyperBoost GPA 4.0 should stabilize the frame rate and reduce power consumption. In addition, the security update from October 2022 is on board, which should close some security gaps.

Of course, there are a few other changes with the update. You can find these in the linked community post on Realme’s official website. A fan posted all the changes and innovations there.

When exactly the update will appear in Germany is not yet clear. There is no official information from Realme, but we would be surprised if the manufacturer took too long to distribute the update to us. The new software should have reached us by the end of the month at the latest.

The Android update is available for…

The update to Android 13 is available for the Realme GT2 Pro.

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