Rebel Wilson: Your weight loss makes comparisons to Daryl Hannah


Rebel Wilson is radically slim this year. The fans now compare the actress with her colleague Daryl Hannah.

Rebel Wilson (40, "Pitch Perfect – The stage is ours!") Made an impressive figure transformation this year. The Australian has lost almost 18 kilograms in the past few months and regularly presents her success on Instagram. In a new snapshot, the actress seems to have a special resemblance to her Hollywood colleague Daryl Hannah (59, "Blade Runner") – at least in the opinion of her fans.

In a selfie that Wilson uploaded to her social media profile, she wears no make-up and a red baseball cap, the blonde curls fall loosely over the actress's shoulders. In fact, the comparison with the 59-year-old American does not seem completely absurd. Hannah also often wears her blond mane in curly hair and the facial features of the two stars are somewhat similar. A fact that fans won't miss. "Had to look twice. Thought it was Daryl Hannah," was one of the comments below the snapshot.

Many of Wilson's followers also praised the 40-year-olds' great success in the comments. "You are an inspiration for us ladies out here who have to lose weight," wrote one user. "Keep it up!!"

Rebel Wilson ends her "Year of Health" in Austria

The new photo of the actress was taken in Altaussee, Austria. According to the "Kurier", she is currently bringing her "Year of Health" to an end at the Viva Mayr Medical Center – despite the Corona lockdown. A few days ago, Wilson shared a recording with the fans in front of a breathtaking backdrop and commented on it with the words "Lady of the Lake".