Recruiting new talent – skilled social workers in the country are more in demand than ever

Current figures show the high level of care effort and need: In the area of ​​people with disabilities (work and living), 13,200 children, women and men are looked after in Upper Austria, and almost 8,500 employees are available to do this. State Councilor for Social Affairs Wolfgang Hattmannsdorfer (ÖVP) is now promoting more staff with cash sweets and a campaign.

With an information campaign, State Councilor for Social Affairs Wolfgang Hattmannsdorfer (ÖVP) and the advocacy group of social enterprises in the psychosocial and disabled areas of Upper Austria now want to draw attention to this important work and recruit more staff. Specifically, the social department waives school fees for training to become a specialist social worker. 350 people are currently benefiting from this measure, saving themselves 1,200 euros annually. There is also a campaign in classic and social media called “#BerufmitEcht”. The aim is to use different channels to show the diversity of a job in the disabled sector and motivate people to choose appropriate training. “A crisis-proof job” State Councilor Hattmannsdorfer says: “We want people with disabilities in Upper Austria to have the best support and support .” There are currently around 800 people in training. According to the state, the earnings after this training are around 3,400 euros gross per month (full-time employment) including supplements. “And it is crisis-proof,” adds the State Councilor for Social Affairs.
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