Reddit: Discord’s Explicit Naked Scenes

Thibaut Keutchayan

June 11, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.


Reddit © Tero Vesalainen /

© Tero Vesalainen /

Many Danish actresses find themselves, despite themselves, in the heart of subreddits where their nude scenes are published without context or consent.

Even though Reddit managed to remove a number of these videos, the fight against these posts is controversial in Denmark.

Will two-tier moderation take over Reddit?

Definitely, forums certainly have their advantages, for example to aggregate press articles in France, but also serious disadvantages. Smear and violence campaigns are an unfortunate example of this, but more broadly, moderation, however complex it is on a human level, can be greatly improved with the help of artificial intelligence. This open source system put in place by Meta could be a great inspiration for Reddit. Indeed, the forum, which celebrates its 18th anniversary this year, is regularly singled out for its risky moderation and this time it is Danish actresses who are paying the price.


In his show cultureDanish radio DR reveals that many erotic scenes from films not classified as pornographic are posted on Reddit. The first problem is that these scenes are published completely out of context, that is to say that the associated subreddit does not, for example, have as its subject the film from which the scene is extracted. The second issue concerns the actresses playing in these scenes. In effect, DR claims that no less than 20 Danish actresses have already been affected, in various ways, by these publications of their nude scenes.

Since the program has Danish news as its subject, it focuses on the case of actresses from this country, but this problem goes far beyond national borders, because it is not specifically Danish actresses who are targeted according to DR. Some actresses have not only denounced these abuses, but also claim to have suffered threats, even physical attacks following the publication of these scenes. One of them, Andrea Vagn Jensen, notably declared to DR that it corresponds to abuse. You deliver something for the production and story of a movie, then you end up being assaulted that way “.

Dado Ruvic/REUTERS

The platform summoned to accelerate

However, when it takes matters into its own hands, the management of Reddit arrives at some progress, for example to fight against a group of anti-abortion bounty hunters or to fight against hateful content. But the path still seems so long. Another problem posed by the distribution of these scenes on Reddit concerns that of copyright, because obviously, those who hold them do not consent to their being published in this way.

In this perspective, the Rights Alliance and the Association of Danish Actors have jointly reported the situation to the Danish police. This has made it possible to eliminate several of these contents on Reddit, but it is a question of going much further, in particular to enforce article 17 of the European directive 2019/790 which provides that, in certain defined cases, ” online content sharing service providers are liable for unauthorized acts of communication to the public […] “.

Accordingly, this is to ensure that the offending material cannot be easily re-uploaded to Reddit after it is removed from the forum. More broadly, Marta Fredenslund, director of the Rights Alliance, hopes that ” Reddit steps up action and finds solutions to prevent users from uploading illegal content to the platform », in particular concerning the cinematographic content.

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