release date, USB-C… Everything we know about Apple’s next smartphones

In 2023, Apple will (certainly) present its new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Max, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra. Price, release date, technical sheet… We take stock of the first information available about them.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro // Source: Anthony Wonner for Frandroid

Each year, the program of smartphone releases is set like clockwork, punctuated by market leaders. Among them, Apple and its iPhones which mark the world of tech every year at the end of the summer. 2023 should not escape the rule and we are already expecting to see the arrival of the generation of iPhone 15, 15 Pro and 15 Ultra. Release date, design, technical data sheet, price… we take stock of the rumours, leaks and assumptions about the next smartphones from Apple.

The iPhone 15 Ultra instead of the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

In 2022, Apple changed its lineup, removing its variant “ mini to offer an iPhone 14 Plus. While we thought this nomenclature was thought to last, it would actually seem that 2023 is also amazing on iPhone names. This time, it’s the iPhone 15 Pro Max that should transform and change its name.

The famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thus evokes that iPhone 15 Pro Max could actually be called iPhone 15 Ultra. By doing this, Apple would mark a clear difference in range by offering an ultra-premium modellike the Apple Watch Ultra.

Although the name would be a first for the iPhone, the strategy itself would not be new. We saw with the generation of the iPhone 13 a differentiation between the Pro and the Pro Max. The latter had a better photo module than its smaller version (telephoto lens with greater magnification, stabilization on the wide-angle sensor and optical stabilization of the ultra wide-angle). This material improvement would therefore be more marked this year, justifying a possibly higher price.

The 2023 range of the iPhone should therefore be composed as follows:

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 15 Ultra

For the moment, there is nothing to suggest, however, that the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus would be technically different apart from their screen diagonal and their battery.

Goodbye Lightning, hello USB-C

Europe now imposes universal connectivity to limit the renewal of accessories when changing devices, and in particular smartphones. Thus, Apple will have to comply with this decision on the Old Continent and abandon Lightning to adopt USB-C. And the first device from the brand to make this transition would obviously be the iPhone 15. Apple has already confirmed it (expressing its dissatisfaction in passing), the iPhone 15 will have a USB-C port.

Even if it means switching to USB-C, Apple would not do things by halves. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus should not see a real evolution since it would be USB 2.0, but the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Ultra would offer a speed that could equal that of USB 3.2 (20 Gb / s ), or even those of Thunderbolt 3 (40 Gb/s).

USB-C cable // Source: Marcus Urbenz on Unsplash

And as the marketing of the Lightning was a substantial godsend for Apple, it seems quite logical that this is only one step. Apple has already planned to get out of the standard by offering a 100% wireless smartphone in the future. It would then recharge wirelessly using both induction charging and Apple’s MagSafe technology.

Buttonless design

To move towards a design without the slightest roughness, Apple will have to not only remove the ports, but also the buttons. This work has already started with the removal of Touch ID (which shouldn’t be coming back anytime soon) and the iPhone 15s are expected to go even further by removing the traditional buttons.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (still him) thinks that the iPhone 15 (or at least ONE iPhone 15) would be devoid of physical buttons. They would be replaced by tactile zones coupled with haptic feedback. The subcontractor Cirrus Logic would also have hinted to its investors a drastic increase in its activity for the second half of 2023. This could be linked to the iPhone without buttons… or simply to a prediction based on the forecasts of MIng- Chi Kuo.

Goodbye notch, hello Dynamic Island on the iPhone 15

The iPhone 14 Pro introduced a new design. The notch present since the iPhone X has given way to Dynamic Island, a “pill“grouping the front camera and the sensors necessary for Face ID. Apple has nevertheless made this constraint a real asset by intelligently adding a software layer. Reserved for the “Pro” range this year, this novelty should also trickle down to the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus in 2023.

Older rumors also suggest that the sensors needed for Face ID could be hiding under the screen in 2023. This is still rather unclear at the moment, but it would be a nice addition to justify the qualification of “Ultraon one of these four smartphones.

iPhone 15, 15 Pro and 15 Ultra spec sheet

For the moment, we do not know in detail the technical sheet of the iPhone 15, but some points have however been put forward by certain sources.Nikkei Asiaaffirms for example that Apple will resume the split visible at the level of the SoC of the iPhone 14.

Thus, the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Ultra would benefit from a new A17 Bionic chip engraved in 3 nm according to TSMC’s second-generation process, while the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus would run thanks to the A16.

Similarly, the RAM would go up to 8 GB on the two most expensive models, against 6 GB only for the other two.

Improved photo zoom

Finally, if we do not yet know the exact photo configuration of the iPhone 15, the Ultra model could be equipped according to Ming-Chi Kuo with a periscopic telephoto lens allowing it to go up to x10 magnification.

Prices of the iPhone 15, 15 Pro and 15 Ultra

No information regarding iPhone 15 pricing has been released so far. However, we can easily make some predictions based on Apple’s habits.

We can already say that the iPhone 15 will not cost less than the iPhone 14 and that the first price will therefore be at least 1019 euros for the iPhone 15 and 1329 euros for the iPhone 15 Pro. Moreover, given the economic situation, it would not be surprising if prices continued to increase with the next generation of iPhone.

The differences in ranges could also be even more marked in terms of prices. The arrival of a modelUltracould encourage Apple to add a few tens or even a few hundred euros to the price of the device.

What is the release date of the iPhone 15, 15 Pro and 15 Ultra?

Apple’s schedule is set like clockwork. When no incident comes to disturb this rhythm, the iPhone is therefore always presented in September, generally on a Tuesday.

We can therefore expect an announcement of the iPhone 15 on September 12 or 19, or at least around those days. Logistical constraints can nevertheless make things happen until the last moment.

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