Renault has just unveiled its new compact SUV, halfway between the Captur and the Austral

Camille Coirault

February 8, 2024 at 12:42 p.m.


The diamond brand has just announced its latest hybrid SUV model: the Renault Symbioz. The announcement, however, remains quite light, and the manufacturer has remained rather mysterious.

At Renault, you have to be attentive as the SUV offering tends to expand in recent times. Between the Renault Austral which plays the role of a classic SUV, the Renault Arkana which plays the SUV coupe segment, the Renault Captur which acts as a compact SUV and the Rafale for the premium range, we must follow! The future Symbioz will therefore be positioned between the compact SUV and a family vehicle, in the C segment.

A surname that is intended to be full of symbolism

It was already the name of a concept that Renault unveiled in 2017, and the manufacturer seems to attach particular importance to it. Sylvia Dos Santos is responsible for appellation strategy in the Global Marketing Department. On the official Renault website, she explains: “ The name Symbioz is very interesting from an etymological point of view “. A name supposed to reflect the very essence of their future vehicle.

For Sylvia Dos Santos, “ life and togetherness are two values ​​deeply anchored in Renault’s DNA with cars to live “. The Symbioz will therefore be a motorized incarnation of the “ live together » seen by Renault. An entire program !

Renault Symbioz (interior) © © Renault

An interior which seems to remain in the overall atmosphere of the manufacturer’s latest vehicles © Renault

Design and motorization

If we feel that the marketing department has worked hard to find a deep meaning in the name of the future SUV, what about what is palpable? Well, in that respect, we cannot say that Renault has really innovated. The engine will be the one already on board the Clio or Captur. Namely: the 145 hp E-Tech full Hybrid engine. No thermal engine on the program.

When it comes to design, you will have to settle for very little. We simply know that the Symbioz will be 4.41 m long. In the only photo available, we can see a vehicle with flowing lines and an overall fairly aerodynamic silhouette. We are clearly still in the trend for coupe SUVs, formerly reserved for premium manufacturers. We will also rather easily recognize the features of the Clio’s light signature. As for the interior, the mystery is just as thick. Renault promises a “ a true concentrate of the brand’s technologies, it will be equipped with the new generation Solarbay panoramic glass roof which becomes opaque without velum “.

We will have to wait until spring to find out more about the Symbioz, the time Renault has chosen to fully unveil it. In the meantime, we will have to make do with these few photos and the manufacturer’s statements on its official website.

Sources: Caradisiac, Renault

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