Resident Evil Village: DLC with Rose, TPS mode, additions for Mercenaries mode, arrival of Re:Verse and Gold Edition

That was to be expected, Capcom unveiled on the occasion of its showcase the first DLCs of Resident Evil Village, referred to as Rose’s shadows. Yes, this additional content will allow you to find the daughter ofEthan and Mia Wintersmany years after the end of the main adventure.

16 years after the end of the story, Rosemary Winters can’t live a normal life, haunted by visions obviously related to her parents and discovering that she possesses strange powers. Guided by a mysterious man, Michaeland thanks to Megamycete, she explores the castle of Lady Dimitrescu to fight against this evil, but the place is still busy and still scary. Rose’s shadows will only be playable in the third person, and that’s good, because Resident Evil Village will also be entitled to its mode GST, for a very different, but still horrifying experience. In addition to this, the mode mercenaries will have additional content with the possibility of embodying Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg and Lady Dimitrescu in new levels taken from the single-player adventure.

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Rose’s shadowsthird person mode and mode update mercenaries will be available October 28, 2022 in Resident Evil Villageand on this same date, a Gold Edition will be launched, bringing together the game and all this content. Finally, good news, Resident Evil Re:Verse multiplayer will launch on the same dayand it will obviously be offered to owners of the base game.

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