Resident Evil: Village: Shadows of Rose DLC Gameplay

During a special showcase, which took place several months ago now, Capcom shared information regarding the upcoming expansion of Resident Evil: Village. Appointed Shadows of Rose, and part of the “Winter’s Expansion”, this DLC should land at the end of October. Recently, we had the right to gameplay.

Indeed, IGN journalists were able to try a demo of Shadows of Rose and they took the opportunity to share a gameplay video presenting said extension. Thus, thanks to this new visual communication lasting seven minutes, players have a good overview of said DLC, in which they will have to face new enemies, among others.

As a reminder, the events narrated in Shadows of Rose take place 16 years after those of Resident Evil: Village. As you probably already know, Shadows of Rose invites us to embody Rosemary Winters, Ethan’s daughter, and the adventure is offered to us in third person view.

Remember that the DLC Shadows of Rose is due to arrive on October 28, on all the gaming platforms concerned. The “Winter’s expansion”, which will be available on the same date, also includes the third person view for the base game and the mode “The Mercenaries: Additional Others”.

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