Return of mild temperatures this January 24: in which cities will it be the hottest? : Current Woman Le MAG

Between two storms and the freezing cold, France will experience a very mild Wednesday January 24, 2024. For good reason, upon waking up, temperatures in certain cities in France were much higher than normal, particularly in a large northern part of the territory. For example, in the middle of the night in Strasbourg, when it should normally be around 5°C, it was over 10°C, Météo-France reported. A sweetness which should continue all day and be particularly felt in the afternoon. It will be between 11 to 15°C in a large northern half and 13 to 20 degrees in the south. Only, the thermometer should even reach 21°C in Perpignan and Montpellier. It should show 15°C in Paris, Rennes and La Rochelle. Finally, in cities located further north in the country, Cherbourg, Lille or Amiens, 12°C is still announced.

Mild temperatures but still storms

These temperatures, much higher than normal, are the consequence, according to Keraunos, an observatory specializing in the meteorology of violent storms, of the presence of an anticyclonic cell with well-established subtropical roots in the western Mediterranean. For around seven days, mildness should settle over the country before the thermometer drops again. Despite everything, even if it is very mild outside, Météo-France wanted to remind us that storm Jocelyn was going to hit the French coast. It is currently hitting the British Isles, particularly Scotland. Already, on the night of January 23 to 24, gusts were recorded at Cap Gris-Nez, in Pas-de-Calais, at Barfleur, in Manche, and even at Fécamp, in Seine-Maritime. Only a few days after storm Isha, a new storm is therefore expected news in the north of France. “Storm Jocelyn should nevertheless be less strong”however, had told the meteorologist Guillaume Séchet to, January 23. Given the situation, Météo France has still placed the departments of Nord, Pas-de-Calais, Seine-Maritime and Somme on yellow alert for the risk of violent winds.

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