revelations about the relationship between Brigitte Macron and her mother-in-law

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Brigitte Macron maintains, today, very good relations with her mother-in-law, Françoise Noguès. But the beginnings were more complicated, even chaotic.

Brigitte Macron, who recently surprised with a new haircut, is a First Lady very involved in political life. The wife of Emmanuel Macron, whose age difference has (again) been mocked at the Cannes Film Festival, is involved in certain causes such as the Yellow Pieces and does not hesitate to share his opinion on certain political subjects, such as the pension reform controversy. Obviously very aware of the issues and problems of the government, she did not hesitate, a few days ago, to joke about the setbacks of the government team.

Brigitte Macron, who is married to Emmanuel Macron since October 20, 2007, supported her husband in his presidential ambitions. Even if she may have been surprised, and she was not the only one… Emmanuel Macron’s mother herself was surprised by her son’s presidential ambition. Gaël Tchakaloff, who wrote As long as we’re bothan immersion at the Élysée with the Macron couple, explained to Point of view that Francoise Noguès, the mother of Emmanuel Macron, thought that her son “won’t be in politics all his life“and that she considers that”his rise to the top of the state is almost a road accident.“Gaël Tchakaloff also made some revelations about the relationship between Brigitte Macron and her mother-in-law.

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Brigitte Macron: “chaotic beginnings” with her mother-in-law

She explained: “After a chaotic start, she also became very close to her stepdaughterBrigitte Macron.” Without saying more about the visibly difficult beginnings of their relationship, she detailed that they ”form a real team and, with their respective children, a sort of tribe around him.

The author also knows some details about the relationship between Emmanuel Macron and his mother, a relationship “fusional”. And for good reason : “She is a very protective mother, who worries about her son and watches over him a lot! He sometimes writes to him to make sure he has taken a coat when it is cold…“Mother and son call each other every day to chat”on all subjects.” The author explained that she was impressed by Françoise Noguès, “a woman of strong character who, in many ways, looks a lot like his son. Like him, she is very emotional, sometimes overflowing with joy, sensitivity or anxiety..” Like mother like son!

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