Ripple maintains its routine with the monthly unlocking of 1 billion XRP

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Ripple continued its routine on Friday by unlocking 1 billion XRP from its escrow account, a practice that has become a monthly occurrence for the blockchain-based digital payment protocol company. In line with this established pattern, December saw Ripple strategically hold 200 million XRP, moving these funds between various crypto wallets to ensure market liquidity.

The latest unlock is part of a series of planned unlocks that Ripple has executed to maintain supply and liquidity in the market. The December allocation consisted of distributing a portion of the unlocked XRP to different wallets. For example, Ripple (11) received blocked funds that are due in April and May 2027, while Ripple (10) re-locked a significant amount for May 2027.

Investors and market observers pay close attention to these monthly releases because they provide insight into potential changes in trading volume and market behavior. The releases are considered to have a substantial impact on supply inflation and could influence market price actions.

Ripple has outlined future plans for similar releases from wallets such as Ripple (22) and Ripple (23), which will see an additional 3 billion XRP released to the market by March 2024. These continued releases are expected to contribute significantly significant to the continued inflation of supply.

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