Rising food prices: is the 10-euro bread really coming?

Is the 10 euro bread coming now?
This is how rising costs affect bread prices

Bread rolls can also soon become significantly more expensive.


The prices for many everyday goods have risen enormously in recent weeks. How does this affect the cost of bread and baked goods?

After the prices for energy, fuel and cooking oil have risen sharply in recent times, the price bomb now seems to have hit bakers too. Many of us are therefore wondering whether bread could soon become unaffordable. According to a statement by Klaus-Peter Lucht from the Schleswig Holstein farmers’ association, bread may soon cost more than 10 euros.

Rising food prices: we have to reckon with that now

But how much truth is there to this frightening prognosis? RTL reporter Max Fassbender asked Minister of Food Cem Özdemir and the Bakers Association. In the video you can find out what he found out and what consumers can expect in the next few days and weeks.

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