Robert De Niro: He had “excruciating” pain after an injury to his leg

Robert De Niro
He had “excruciating” pain after an injury to his leg

Robert De Niro pulled a muscle in his leg.

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Robert De Niro had to leave filming in Oklahoma because of a leg injury. Now he explained how the injury had come about.

Robert De Niro (77) injured his thigh, as the actor has now confirmed. On Friday (May 14th) “TMZ” had already reported that the Hollywood star sustained an injury to his leg while filming the Martin Scorsese film “Killers of the Flower Moon” and had to travel home as a result. De Niro reported to the industry magazine “IndieWire”that the injury is a painful strain on the thigh muscle.

He also stated that he was injured off the film set. “I just stepped over something and then fell over. The pain was excruciating and now I have to get it fixed.” In old age you have to reckon with unpredictable injuries, he said. “But it can be done.”

No impact on further shooting

The injury will not limit his further shooting for the film, so De Niro. Commenting on his role, cattle breeder William Hale, he said, “In Scorsese’s ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ I play a pretty sedentary character. I don’t move much, thank God. So we can do it.” All he has to do now is seek treatment and then rest his leg in a specific position to allow it to heal, he added.

As reported by several US media outlets, De Niro’s injury did not delay the shooting of “Killers of the Flower Moon”. It is said that he does not have to be in front of the camera for the next three weeks.