Romane Bohringer abandoned by her mother at 9 months: “I wondered if she had loved me”

Close to her father who she looks so much like, Romane Bohringer evokes the other parental figure, his mother, in a moving interview for The world. While she embodies on the boards a mother plagued by existential questions in Breathe, she pours out her own relationship to motherhood. Mother of two children whom she raises in “separate” with her ex-Philippe Rebbot, the actress and director then evokes her own relationship with her mother, who abandoned her when she was only 9 months old.

When Romane Bohringer approaches her mother, Marguerite Bourry known as Maggy Bohringer, born in Saigon to a Corsican father and a Vietnamese mother, on a daily basis The world, she lights her cigarette which is delicately consumed when she says of her mother: “She herself had been abandoned. I come from a line of abandonment.” How to grow up without a mother? Romane Bohringer is both lucid but not bitter: “It was super insecure, but I never held it against my mother. I drew from it a strength, an enthusiasm“The child Romane was therefore raised by her father Richard and distinguishes two periods in her childhood. A life that could be described as tenderly “messy” until she was 9 years old, with her artist dad, “who did what he could and never got away with it not too bad out“, thanks in particular to a great-grandmother who watched over the grain.

Then, between the ages of 9 and 16, she lived with Richard Bohringer and his partner Astrid whom he met in Savoie. She already has a boy and the couple will have two more children. married on April 26, 1986 Richard Junior and Lou, born in 1989. His family life then became more composed and stable, which did not prevent him from following his father everywhere on the roads of filming and tours: “Those are my fondest childhood memories, these adoptive families, the large tables of artists, the technicians, the adult world. I cried at each end of filming, the idea of ​​going back to school overwhelmed me.“So it is as an actress that she will end up facing her fears and becoming the fulfilled woman of today.

However, the absence of the mother is not forgotten and will reappear when the artist has children. Rose in 2008 then Raoul two years later, born of his relationship with Philippe Rebbot. “I was silent for a long time about what had happened to me. When I had my children, I wondered if I had counted in my mother’s life, if she had loved me.“Questions that do not prevent her from moving forward, but that she always keeps in mind and that certainly have a consequence on her doubts as a mother and her ability to raise them well.”Being a parent makes you so vulnerable. I’m full of guilt, I always wonder if I’m doing well, this fear of not being up to it tires me.” But in view of the way of life that she put in place after her separation from the father of her children and that she brought to the screen, large then small, with blurred love, the observation is clear. . It’s a success.

A roommate scheme between separated parents that works but is not immutable. In a relationship with a man who lives in a studio in the same building, she knows that one day, it may be necessary to change. In the meantime, we will see and Romane Bohringer, who knows that life can change everything, savors what she has.

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